IP Trunking

Voice and data on the same network.

Save money by replacing your phone lines with a gateway between your PBX and the public telephone network using the same IP network as your data.

With TELUS IP Trunking*, your telephone calls have priority on your IP network from any location in Canada.

*IP Trunking is the equivalent of SIP Trunking.

IP Trunking - TELUS Affaires



TELUS IP Trunking is ideal for companies already equipped with a PBX with multiple locations.

  • Lower connection costs: Replace your traditional phone service such as PRI or Centrex with one IP Trunking connection.
  • Lower costs and improve efficiencies: With IP trunking you only need to manage one network for your voice and data traffic.
  • Flexible scaling: React quickly to changing business needs by adding more capacity whenever you need to, even if it’s just one channel at a time.
  • Easy, cost-effective set-up: Set up your main office and integrate new locations quickly and easily as you grow, without the need for an installer to make additional on-site changes.
  • TELUS ServiceSaver: Keep your business running in the unlikely event of a service outage or local disaster, by forwarding calls to an alternative number.


  • Alternate Number Delivery: Choose the number you want displayed when calling out, allowing you to appear local regardless of your physical business location.
  • Automatic Calling Line ID Blocking*: Prevent all your numbers from being displayed on an outbound call.
  • Real-time fax capability: Send and receive faxes over your IP network, without the need for a dedicated fax line.
  • Nomadic 911: Enable a prompt response if a 911 call is placed from one of your offices, as a TELUS operator will make sure the correct address is provided to first responders.
  • Resilient architecture: Redirect your voice traffic from one location to another in the rare event of a failure.

*Additional charges apply


TELUS is one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies, with proven expertise in providing voice and data services.

Our networks meet the highest standards for security and reliability.

Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities help keep your business operating, even if you cannot work from your usual location.

We are committed to providing a world-class customer experience and will support all levels of your IP Trunking solution.